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Important Note:
Dear Prospective Customers:Art Collectors, Poetry Lovers, Fathers and Mothers of Pre-School Kids,
Business and Individuals. I have Good News. Now you have a quick and a safe way to pay for my
products. Just click the PayPal pay button, that easy. PayPal accepts most credit cards, safely and
securily. As soon as your payment is cleared, they will notify me to mail you your order.
After an extensive search, I came to the conclusion, that this is the best and safest way for you to
pay me. From the links below, go to the Gallery, then click the column that displays the item your want to
purchace, visit its page. For the Geometric collection(25-items), including the Geometric copies, the
Clowns collection(4-items) and the Mini collection(20-items), make three copies of the "Art Agreement"
sign and mail/email them to me. For the poetry and children books, just click the "order0form" see below
to go straight there, follow the instructions, as I asked. *at this time the complete collections are not for sale.
Know the geometric copy number you have chosen and write it in the "order-form". For the learning books,
do not forget to include the child's name and gender for the books to be personalized.
A Kid's Free poem will be included with your order. In case you are a daycare center or a nursery of
several kids. I take wholesale orders for the learning books. You get a discount of 10%, when you
order five(of one kind) or more. In case you are a poetry reading club, a poetry class or a bunch of
poetry lovers, get together and order wholesale to get the above discount, on your order. Holidays ate
coming soon and if you liked your geometric painting copy you received and want to give any of these
art pieces to your special friends. You get the same discount of 10%, for more than four pieces ordered.
Before you click the PayPal button, read and fill the order-form, then email/mail it to me along with the art
agreement. These two paper will tell me, who is buying my artwork. Also include your chosen graphic copy number
so I can mail to you the right one.
Art Agreement, sign and get it to me.
Order form, fill and get it to me.
Thank you for choosing one of my artworks, ellie.
Mail to: GrandMa's, Inc........or the fast way, email it to me at:ellie4@basicisp.net
Mrs. E Kondy
73 King Street
Floral Park, NY 11001

When you have finished the above instructions go to the webpage that shows all Ellie's artworks for sale.
There click the proper PayPal button to pay.
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