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What you should know to optimize your site, before submitting it to the search engines.

1.TITLE: You should not have more that fifty(50) characters, including the commas. Choose from your list of words or phrases, the most "pertinent/high" valued ones see info "KEYWORDS/PHRASES" below and just line them up, one after the other, separating them by comma, no spaces.""*New Years Eve; Kids Poem""
2.DESCRIPTION: You should not have more the sixtyfive(65) characters, including the commas. Take the words you put in the title and give them some meaning by adding a modifier which will increase the percentage of your prospects. Modifiers such as:geographic, descriptive, nouns. Example; Ellie's by itself means nothing, but with the modifier 'Ellie's Exhibit' means something. Also, Ellie's Art of Long Island, NY., under the 'Fine Arts' Classification, means something. So, here I gave you the noun:"Exhibit" and the geographic:"long island, ny" to see the change between the word "Ellie's" by itself and with the modifiers. Here are some low quality modifiers that could distinguish you, from your competitors when included with your KEYWORDS:advice,consultants,firms,free,ideas, products,technical, etc..
3.KEYWORDS--PHRASES: You should have about 700-750 characters. Do not repeat the words more than three times. Avoid using: the, for, about, there, where, a, an, you, she, he, they, its, their. Separate each word with a comma, no spaces. Do not use capital letters, even for names, all the letters should be lower case. First make a list of all the pertinent keywords to your product or company, or service, or article. Sort the list a couple of times, until you derive to the most vital, the most valued words/phrases, that when their characters are counted including the commas you have 700-750 characters the most. For word value search one of the services or your log reports--log statistics, they give you how many times each of your list-words had been searched lately. Choose the highest valued words. Also make a phrase out of these words to make them different than your competitors' words. For example: "music" is too general and your competitor might grab your customers. If you add "pop music" or whatever is your specialty, then you facilitate the few customers who love "pop music" and when searched by them, your site will come up faster than someone else's site, who specializes on some other vocals. When you decide on your domain, try to include targeted buzzwords of your specialty, in its composition. Include your keywords in the text that appears first on your frontpage, such as: in your title, in the description of your product, the names of your files, pictures or other pages that will be referenced by the anchors. Example:change "www.(your domain).com/index.htm", or some other picture name:"code.gif,code.jpg"; to exmpl:"www.gmas-ellie.com/gmasminiatures.htm","/gmasgraphics.htm","/gmasalphabook.htm" or "/gmasclown.gif" etc., also if you have a directory before the file of the item referenced, designated it with a keywords. Example:"www.gmas-ellie.com/graphics/gmasgraphics.htm" see how many times I repeated the words "gmas", "graphics". I also included the name of my product in the file of picturename. Do not change your frontpage from "index.html" to other. It is required to be referenced just like that "index.html" by the server. Repeat these keywords in the Alt="put keywords about the picture" img tag and the table tag summary="put keywords about the content". These keywords/phrases should appear at least five or six times throughout your frontpage, placed in a meaningful way. The text paragraphs on the page should be short, with 3, 4 sentences each.
4.DO NOT INCLUDE A "REFRESH or REDIRECT" META TAG: That is considered a spam by S/E, the spiders will not index your web page. S/E DO NOT INDEX DYNAMIC URLs THAT HAVE:(?, &, =, %, +) symbols. These symbols must be changed to " / ", if you want your page indexed. You must know how to create a set of instructions to replace them with the back slash mark " / ", without damaging the URL. Another way is to have your Host turn on the technique "mod-rewrite" find more information about this subject at the following sites: "//alistapart.com/articles/urls/ //alistapart.com/articles/succeed/"
5.AVOID FRAMES: If you have them, you must create a non-frame page and reference it in the framed section of the page, for the S/E to index.
6.AVOID USING FORMS: Spiders can not fill forms and will not index you page, also if you are in their database, you will be removed. Create a static page for those sections and reference it in the form section. The same applies to "Java Applet and XML coding".
7.IMAGES WITH EMBEDDED AUDIO/VIDEO: Create a text file that describes the Audio/Video and reference it, where the "img"tag is. You need a " D " anchor; see below "LINKS WITH IMG TAGS", below.
8.ALT in the IMG tag: Your "Alt=" "" should be the best way for you to communicate your buzzwords to the S/E, robots/,spiders, they will harnesh the info and take it back to their database.Include them in a meaningful descriptive sentence, not very long, such as; "Oil Painting by Ellie, found in the Exhibit Hall". Here I am giving you the buzzword 'painting' modified by "oil, ellie" and "exhibit hall".
9.SUMMARY in the table: This is a phrase for the disable who use machines to read what included in the table. Use the same method to describe the content of the "table", plus relay your buzzwords to the S/E robots/spiders, as I indicated with the "ALT=" ""; above.
10.YOUR URLs and other LINKS: Make sure your urls or incoming and outgoing links are:"Text Links". Choose your buzzwords, that your prospects will search. Example:this tag """www.your-domain.com"" and close the a-tag. Here I am referencing my frontpage with a link where I have included my buzzwords of: my specialty names, plus my web address. That is called a "text link". Also your local pages should all have a link back to the"sitemap" or to the frontpage.
11.INCOMING LINKS: Choose quality links, relevant to your product or to your visitors. In other words, they must be "niche" links. Either these links must be complimentary themes to yours or in my case"(original paintings, art supplies, books, poems)" or everyday products that are hard to find, functional, and well priced or services that give lots of current news, or tech information. Do not forget to revise those links to: "Text Links", if they are not and include "Alt=""", if they do not have one.
12.LINKS WITH 'IMG' TAGS: "img" links should include "LONGDESC=", that goes into the "img tag", and a "D" anchor that follows the "" end bracket. They are for the disable who are using machines to read the image tags, since they can not see the pictures. Create a text file that describes the image and reference it in the "LONGDESC=", and "D" anchor.
13.CREATE A SITEMAP: This is good for the S/E and spiders to easely navigate to other pages, also the visitors who can choose pages to visit relevant to them. Include a back to the sitemap link from those pages. The S/E indexes only two generations down of links, it will seldom venture further than that. So, make sure, your most important specialties are included in those pages.
14.CREATE AND KEEP FRESH YOUR W/P CONTENT: Use few targeted words to highlight the benefits of what you are offering or why you have this Web Page; its purpose.Be inventive on how you present your "keywords/keyphrases"in different ways, so that, the S/E and spiders find your pages worth while visiting and indexing. Whatever it is that you have"product,svces,or information", it must offer value and be useful to as many poeple as possible, also it must be as current as possible. Some product's value increases with time and vise versa. That does not apply to the information and tech news, they have to be as current as possible, on account they are revised constantly. So, try to be current by updating your web page at least once a month, so you can submit your new revisions to the S/E.
15.GIVE SOMETHING FOR FREE Visitors will welcome free valued "products/services". Place them prominently on your page following the presentation of your products, so that, instead of them living your page, when they do not find what they visited your page for, they might change their mind and browse your free offers, and more over they might come back and when they do, they might see what you are offering with a fresh attitute and buy it or recommented to their friends.
16.SUBMITTING YOUR WEB PAGE Before visiting a S/E site, make sure you have used all the resources available to optimize your page, validated it using the "w3.org/" and uploaded to the server. Double check your page to see that it looks the way you thought it would, when you were implementing those revisions and if all checks out, then go announce your products to the world. You have five choices to make yourself known. a. Pay an advertising service, Search Eng. or other agency. b. Pay-per-Click, in other words you assume your targeted words are going to be in demand and when they are searched, your site will come up, resulting in sales. A big "IF". c. Start up an Affiliate program, where the affiliates for a percentage"($%)" of your sales or commission, will promote your products. d. Buy a software program where you do your promotion in house on the targeted sites the software has gathered. You pay once for the package and in a couple of minutes/hours depending on the list of sites, the software will do the job and depending on the quality of the software and the money you have spent on it, it will do more than just submit your page. e. Submit your site yourself free of charge, one site at a time. There are sites that have free submission, that include from ten(10) to more than a hundred sites grouped together and you submit, automatically by filling out a form with your stats and follow the directions for the rest, I have a couple of them on my "Free Products" page, try them, I use them myself. That is all, if I think of more tips, I will update this list. I will also have something in the near future about the "Directories" requirements. Note: I hope that you have found the above information enlightening and meaningful. Credit is given, here below, to those kind people who emailed me a lot of information that I could only include some of it here. If you like the info, visit their site for more detailed reporting on several good ideas that I am sure they will be useful for your web site. Tell them you come from: my site.
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