Love is like old sweet wine.
		You have to know when to 
		stir it, and when to leave it alone.

		You have to know the right temperature,
		and the right container, where it should 
		be kept; for its aging process.

		The older it gets, the sweeter it becomes.
		Occasionally, you must taste it to see
		that it hasn't turned sour, while aging.

		You get the proper glass, when it is 
		ready, and slowly, you pour a little in
		the glass, where you wiggle it, to 
		allow it to breath, and then; you are
		ready to enjoy its full flavor and texture.

		If you are planning to serve it with
		food.  You must know the proper
		food, that matches its flavor.
		Serve the wrong food and you will
		have a mouthful of sour grapes.

		That is love. 
		A delicate taste or you can call it 
		feeling, which has the same 
		attributes; those of the aged wine.
		Love must be nurtured, it must be
		protected and watched carefully,
		so, it does not turn into vinegar.

		A long time process, that can not be
		harried, nor can it be forced.
		When the right place, and circumstance
		is created, you open it and what you get;
		bursting firecrackers.  Like the ones in
		the 4th of July or the ones in New Year's
		Eve.  Then you know; what "LOVE" is.

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