I wish I was a flower
			and with my aroma to 
			freshen up the room
			you are in.

			I wish I was a songbird
			to wake you up every 
			morning full of joy and
			happiness, with my melodic

			I wish I was a butterfly
			to show you my intricate 
			colorful wings and swirl
			above your head, making
			you look up and forward 
			to better things.

			I wish I was the softest
			cloth to wrap you in and 
			keep you warm and content
			indoors and out.

			I wish I could read your
			mind for the things you
			desire and make them 
			happen on this Valentine's

			Why! I wish all that and 
			much more; because you 
			are my beloved Mom.
			Happy Valentine's Day Mom.

Note: This is an poem the kids will get with the purchase of the preschool kids books. I wrote it, because a lot of Moms who come to my site, they are searching for preschool kids valentine's poem. So here it is. I hope you like it. I will keep the Valentine's greeting in the archives section on the main page. Enjoy it, ellie.

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If you have kids with disabilities, you do not have to buy the learning books to get the free poems.
Just email me your request and the kid's name plus gender and I will email you the poems.
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Thanks, ellie.

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