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On this page Ellie suggests products the graphics can be used on, for decorative or enhancement purposes.
I have started to create samples on some of these products. When you move your mouse over them and you see it changed
into a hand, that means there is a sample. Click to see the sample. Each picture is the complete painting with its
framing, but when it is printed on your product, you will only print the actual circle mini graphic, so, visualize
it as such. For further inquiries, on how to license them and price, check the graphics page at:Mini Graphics

Ways to use these Mini Graphic Oil Paintings

These designs are suitable for hundreds of other products, use your imagination. Each product will stand out in a crowded area,
business, store, home, indoors or outdoors, making a strong statement, screaming quality merchandise. The designs are 4"x4" each
and can be used alone, in clusters of three or in a repeated pattern on a complimentary background color. You will pay thousands of
dollars to have an artist create such a design for you. You can license the reprint rights for a non offensive product for as long as
you wish, see details at Here. If you wish to buy the collection of 25 pieces sizes 4"x4"ea. click Mini Graphics, for details.

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