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License Ellie's Fine Art Mini Graphic Oil Paintings

On this page, Ellie suggests a list of products where the graphics can be used on, for decorative or
enhancement purposes. There are thousands more products, use your imagination depending on your needs.


Ads;Beauty products;Boxes;Calendars;Catalog covers;CD;CD-ROM labels;decorative Items;Dinnerware
Drinking Cups
Fabrics;Scarfs;Floor CoveringsGift Paper;Glassware;Greeting Cards
Labels;Magazine Covers;Plaques;Rugs;Sweaters;Wall Paper, etc.

Find more products under the Above Classifications and Samples, that I have created, so you can get an idea how
the designs will look on a particular product. Go to the the Page and surprise yourself. Mini Graphics Usages
These designs are suitable for hundreds of other products,use your imagination. Each product will stand out in a
crowded area,business, store, home,indoors or outdoors, making a strong statement,screaming quality merchandise.
The designs are 4"x4" each and can be used alone, in clusters of three or in a repeated pattern on a complimentary
background color. You will pay thousands of dollars to have an artist create such a design for you. You can license
the reprint rights for a non offensive product for as long as you wish, for as little as $15.99(us) per month,minimum
two years. payable in advance with option to renew. That rate applies for the first 5,000 impression. For each
additional 5,000, you add $3.00. You can choose to pay the discount price of $11.99 monthly, if you allow me
to advertise my logo(see above)on your product page. Offer does not include reprint rights for other than the
agreed product. For an Image-map Web Page, it can be up and running in no time, I will build you one for about
The cost covers; a new web page similar to the one you see, with your links and chosen design from the ten
geometric samples. See the "imagemaps.htm" page. Do the work yourself and just pay for the licensing fee of the
graphic. If you wish to buy the collection consisting of 25 pieces sizes 4"x4"ea, visit:This page for details.

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