Not many will think that this animal, namely 
		the 'Chicken', that runs around in the meadows; 
		full of feathers that protect its skin, but 
		they do not give it enough strength to fly;
		will lay something called "EGG". 
		You know what an Egg is.

		The reason for the chicken to lay this Egg, 
		it is not for us humans to have a delicious 
		breakfast, but to create "LIFE".
		To have baby chicks; so its species can 
		continue to live on, the way, we humans have 
		babies, so our race can continue to exist;
		from one generation to the next.

		The Egg, that its purpose was to give life, 
		has all the properties in it to build a strong 
		First of all, it has the shell to protect and 
		keep it worm, covered by the mother's body,
		until it gets hatched, then, when the chick 
		breaks free from its shell, it was given the 
		strength to fight diseases that are found on 
		the ground where, like its mother will roam 
		free to forage for its food.

		The chick is hatched fortified to survive the 
		elements of nature, found on its environment.
		Such as bugs, poison wild flowers and seeds, 
		other bigger animals that might attack and 
		bite it.

		So, when we eat this bundle of protective 
		nutrients; that meant to create the chick, 
		our bodies get to be strong and protected, 
		the same way, they would have protected the 
		That Egg, rich of nutrients gives our bodies 
		all these marvelous properties meant for the

		In other words our bodies have become
		indistructible of the same diseases, the 
		chick was fortified to fight from.
		Its Egg yolk, the doctor prescribes, when you 
		are four months after you were born to start 
		eating it. First in a very small quantity, then 
		your Mom will gradually increase it until your 
		stomach is able to digest the whole egg yolk.

		The nutrients of this egg yolk will give you the 
		protective strength to grow up to be a healthy 
		person; that you are now.
		The egg yolk has become an indispensable stable 
		among other kinds of foods we eat.
		After you have reached the age of 6 or 7, you 
		only need to eat two eggs per week, on account 
		the yolk is pure cholesterol and it has 300 
		calories each.

		At that age your body already produces cholesterol 
		naturally and it does not need too much for you to 
		add. So, two eggs per week will give you all 
		these beneficial nutrients the little chick was 
		given by its mother the 'Chicken'.

		I told you all this information for you to learn, 
		that when you break an EGG, LIFE comes out of it.
		When the EGG is hatched this LIFE is a little 
		CHICK, when we break the egg to eat, it is these 
		nutrients we get to build our healthy 'LIFE'.
		So, "LIFE' is hidden inside the egg.

		This time of year the Christians celebrate 'LIFE'.
		The Christian teaching says; Christ, after He was 
		removed from the Cross, He was placed into a 
		crypt(tomb) and his students pushed a big heavy 
		stone against its opening; so, his body could be 
		protected from vandalism.
		The next day when the tomb was visited, it was 
		found empty, the stone was pushed out from within 
		the tomb, and Christ was not in it.

		The teaching goes on to tell, that only Christ 
		could have done that.
		The teaching goes on to tell, that Christ was 
		resurrected and had risen to heaven to be close 
		to his creator; "GOD; HIS FATHER".
		The teaching goes on to tell, that when Christ 
		reappeared on the mountain to his students, HE 
		confirmed the stone incident.

		At 'EASTER' time all the Christians are celebrating 
		Christ's resurrection, which says, he was sacrificed 
		to give LIFE to the world who believed in him.
		Like the EGG, when we break its shell to get the 
		rich flavored and healthy nutrients from inside it, 
		what we get is 'LIFE'.

		We make the Eggs red, because the red color depicts 
		'LIFE' and the egg is the most appropriate food-
		staple that gives us 'LIFE', as Christ has given 
		'LIFE' with His sacrifice. HAPPY EASTER TO ALL.

Note: This poem was not meant to teach or convert any kid to Christianity. But as we have become a Global
Village, it is a good idea for all the kids to learn about other peoples' beliefs, for better understanding and tolerance.
Now-a-days multi colored Egg can be found at the stores. Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange. They are all Happy colors.
I wrote this poem, because a lot of visitors who come to my site, they are searching for Preschool Kids POEMS.
To buy the preschool books visit the gallery for details. If you liked the reading, tell all your friends who have kids
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