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100% Tax Deductible Gifts

Dear Art Patron and Philanthropist:
Are you a Patron of the Arts and a Benefactor? The following three suggestions are two marvelous ways to be generous
and reduce your Tax-rate legally by almost 100%; the full value of your gifts to:Any Art Museum or gallery will be
thrilled to receive one or all of my artwork collections, as gifts. Any poetry lover's club will be happy to receive a
number of my adult life-love poetry books to promote good will and understanding. Any Children's Hospital or Church
School or a Daycare Center will be glad to accept any number of my two pre-school learning picture coloring books
and the FREE poem, for their kids.
So, here is my suggestion to you; Three legal and approved ways by the IRS to reduce your Tax-rate to almost zero.
Kindly take these suggestions in consideration, when you want to be charitable. Thank you.

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