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Dear Customer/Visitor:
The forecast for On-Line Sales this year is predicted to be over $100 billion. Can you imagine that, which
was unthinkable a couple of years ago. The reasons:
1. People were suspicious of On-Line fraud, that proved False.
2. Charge cards have worked fine now, because the companies that collected your money, made sure your
payments are secured.
3. You have great savings on your valuable time, by not fighting traffic to get to the store and then waiting
on line to pay for the goods and then fighting traffic to get back home.
4. Saving money on gasoline; that seems, the Gas companies can not put the brakes on raising prices.
5. Eliminating all these obstacles makes sense now. You can do your shopping for these same products,
from the comfort of your home with a computer and a click of a mouse in minutes, where, before you
had to invest your precious hours fighting the elements.
6. Now, sitting comfortably, you can browse the stores, compare prices and then buy the goods that
are delivered to your home in no time. Innovation has made me thinking to make my Artwork and Books
available to you online, a new convenience for you. I must follow the trend and change my ways, like
the rest of the business owners, who by the thousands have change to adjust to the present ways.
7. You can now take advantage the new paying online way I am offering to you to buy my products.
Just click the PayPal Button, PayPal accepts most credit cards and your payment will go through
safely and securely, with no problems.
8.My artwork and books make excellent gifts for your friends and relatives, young and ols.
9.One more thing you should keep in mind, when you are buying my artworks. They do not include
copy or reproduction rights.

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