Learn the Alphabet, Poem

			A-a(1) for the Air we breath;
			B-b(2) for the Ball mom gave me 
			to play with;
			C-c(3) for my Cat that sleeps 
			all day;

			D-d(4) for my Dog my brother 
			likes to take for a walk;
			E-e(5) for my Ears, I use to 
			hear and my Eyes, I use to 
			F-f(6) for my Fingers, I use 
			to hold things with;

			G-g(7) for the Ground, I step 
			on and the Glass I drink
			my milk in;
			H-h(8) for my House that my 
			family lives in.
			I-i(9) for the Ice, the Frig
			makes to cool things off;

			J-j(10)for Jello, my mom 
			makes for me to eat;
			K-k(11) for the key, my mom
			uses to open and close the 
			front door;
			L-l(12) for my Large and
			little fingers of my hand;

			M-m(13) for my Mom whom I love so much,
			for my Mouth; I fill with cookies;
			N-n(14) for my Nose, I use 
			to breath;
			O-o(15) for the Oranges, I love
			to eat;

			P-p(16) for Paper, I write 
			Q-q(17) for the Quarter my 
			mom gives me, when I clean
			my room and keep it clean;
			R-r(18) for my Rocking horse
			and the Radio that plays my
			favorite tunes;

			S-s(19) for the Soap, I wash
			my hands with;
			T-t(20) for my little Train,
			I play with;
			U-u(21) for Under the bed,
			where I hide my toys;

			V-v(22) for my Voice, I hear
			when I speak;
			W-w(23) for the Wall that 
			holds our house up-straight
			and keeps us Warm In the 
			X-x(24) for Xmas, Christmas
			holiday, when we get to 
			decorate our tree;

			Y-y(25) for our Yard and the
			Year we are in;
			Z-z(26) for the Zoo, where 
			I visit the animals I love,
			and for the Zipper, I find 
			on my clothes.
Note:This informative poem needs a lot of help from Mothers and Fathers. The Child can not learn all there
is to know by itself, also each Child has a different capacity for learning, you must follow it and not force him/her.
First you tell the child that, there are 26 letters in our alphabet, tell him/her of the way the capital and the small
letters look like also about the numbers shown next to the letters, that these letters belong to this number, in the
alphabet. Once the child learns the letters, ask him/her to hunt and show you the letter in the word found in the
newsprint material, one week for this exercise is enough. The first week might be hard for the Child to comprehend the
reason for doing this, so a helping hand is greatly needed here. The following weeks will be easier and faster learning.
Tell the Child that, he/she can create words out of the letters, they have learned by just putting the letters together
in different combination order. Teach the child three letters at a time, allowing two to three weeks for the learning
process to take affect. Here are some words, I will start the process with and you continue this way or use your own
method. You show the Child the word he/she speaks and what letters the word has, like that: "All" this word has one
capital "A" and two small "ll"; "Baby" this word has one capital "B" one small "a" one small "b" and one small "y";
"Doll" this word has one capital "D" one small "o" and two small "ll"; "Egg" this word has one capital "E" and two
small "gg"; Now, follow the order of the ALPHABET and get him/her to know all the letters and the creation of their
words. Once, you finish the alphabet letters, ask him/her to create their own list of words. Do not expect an overnight
success. Good luck.


			I opened my eyes, and what I saw;
			was a face looking at me with
			wonder. Sure I did not know where
			I was, how I got there or how
			to talk, or do anything else
			for that matter.
			So, I cried and cried and cried.

			Next thing; I felt two big hands
			grabbing me and hugging me tight
			on her chest until I felt comfortable
			again surrounded by those big, 
			soft, strong hands; full of love.

			That is how my life started in 
			this household. 
			When I cried, the hands grabbed
			me and the whole scenario will
			start over again. 
			Sometimes; I cried because I was
			wet or even worse, and sometimes
			I cried because I wanted to eat,
			but always there were those soft
			hands, ready to make me feel good.

			Gradually, I started seeing shadows
			that turned into shapes of things,
			and what they call human faces.
			First it was the face the hands
			belong to, then there was another
			face with bigger and stronger hands,
			then there were things dangling
			over my crib making noise, that I 
			enjoy listening to.

			Then, the shadows were getting 
			clearer and clearer, until I started
			to recognize one shape from another.
			Then, there were noises coming out 
			of the shapes that the hands belonged
			to. First nothing made any sense. But,
			as I was listening to these sounds
			day in and day out, I started to 
			understand, that all were addressed 
			to me. One sound for this and another
			sound for something else.

			My life continued like that for a 
			couple of days. With the hands 
			picking me up for one reason or another,
			and sometimes for no reason at all.
			But, just for making me feel good.
			I do not know how they new I liked
			to be surrounded by those hands, 
			curled comfortably in their chest.

			I started sensing, when I was ready
			for feeding and for changing my wet
			clothes with freshly washed dried ones.
			I new when I was going to be immersed 
			into a lukewarm water to take a bath.
			I new the time, when the shape with the 
			stronger hands was going to be about.

			And, the big moment arrived, when I 
			opened my mouth and sound came out 
			of it. Every one seem to be excited 
			about it, I could not understand why, 
			so much fuss for something that sounded
			like "G G". Anyway as the days went
			by those "G G" sounds became more
			complex, and before I new it, with
			the help of the softer hands shape;
			I started uttering words, like 
			"mama" and "dada".

			That was it, the whole group of
			shapes with hands went crazy.
			Then, I started trying to pull myself
			up in my crib; first seating, then 
			with the help of my crib's railing 
			standing on my two feet, can you 
			imagine that. Well Mama and Dada went 
			real excited.

			After that, the events of my growing 
			up involved by leaps and bounds, the
			time went fast, so fast that I could
			not keep up with myself, nor did 
			the rest of the family. Because, 
			I wanted to go everywhere and 
			grab everything that shined.

			I became the household little 
			My mama was forced to remove 
			everything that was not nailed
			or screwed in place.  She even
			locked all the lower openings,
			so, I could not open and mesh up
			with their contents.

			That is how my new life, as a- 
			newborn started in my mother's home.
If you are satisfied with your child's progress, tell your friends and how to get here, see below, also tell them the
wonderful effects the poem had on your child. The other kids books:
Alpha coloring letters book.
One-to-Ten coloring numbers Book.

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