This agreement is between:
The artist known as: Ellie Kondy
The Buyer known as:_______________________________

Artist:Ellie Kondy,
Address:73 King St.,
Floral Park, NY 11001
WHEREAS Artist has created that certain Work of Art ("THE WORK"):
WHEREAS The parties agree that the Artist will have certain rights in the future economics and integrity of the ARTWORK.
1. SALE: Artist sells the WORK to the purchaser at the agreed value of $____________, plus shipping and handling, plus
taxes(NY=8.625%) where applicable on conditions:
a. Notice of Exhibition: Before, the Purchaser commits the Work to a show, he must notify the Artist, letting her
know about the intent of the show and for getting the Artist's permission to do so.
b. Purchaser will not allow anyone to destroy, damage, modify the ARTWORK in any way or copy the ARTWORK on any media.
c. If the ARTWORK is damaged, the Artist shall be given the first chance to restore the ARTWORK, before it is given
to an expert, with the consent of the Artist.
d. If the ARTWORK is used commercially in any way, the Artist has the right to 50% of any remuneration due, within
thirty(30) days of receipt.
e. Artist reserves the copyrights and reproduction rights of the ARTWORK.
2. ARTIST'S EXHIBITION: The Artist may include the ARTWORK in her show once every (3)years, at her own expenses
(Transfer. and Ins.), upon giving a written notice to the purchaser within ninety(90) days before the show. 3. PROVELANCE: Provelance and history of the ARTWORK will be furnished to the Purchaser and his successors upon
request, by the Artist.
4. NOTICE: Below is a notice which will be affixed to the ARTWORK; warning of the covenants of this contract. However,
if the ARTWORK or part of the ARTWORK is represented, the note will be a permanent part of that document.
NOTICE; Ownership, transfer, exhibition and reproduction of the ARTWORKS are all subjects to this contract dated / / /201_,
and agreed between:
Artist: Ellie Kondy,
Address:73 King Street,
Floral Park, NY 11001
Purchaser:_________________________ Address:__________________________ _________________________________ Both parties have copies of this agreement.
5. EXPIRATION: This contract is binding. The principals, their heirs and their successors are obligated to abide by
its content, for the life of the principals and their heirs plus 30 years except the paragraphs 1(a), 2 and 3,
that will last only for the life of the Artist.
6. ATTORNEY'S FEES: If any enforcement will be deemed necessary for any or all the paragraphs of this contract, the
aggrieved party is entitled to reasonable attorney's fees and to any available remedies.
____________________________________ Artist
____________________________________ Purchaser

Copyright @ 1996/2016, Ellie Kondy