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Aa to Zz, Alphabet Learning Picture Coloring Book

Alphabet cover page This is the cover book page that can be used as a guide for its beautiful
combinations of colors. The child will get an idea what colors he/she can
use on the following pages.

A cap letter page This page shows an item that starts with the letter 'A'. The child
can color the picture of it and below can practice writing the
capital letter 'A'.

small letter 'a' page This page has another picture that its name starts with the small letter 'a'.
The child boy or girl will have fun coloring the picture, while he/she can
practice writing, in the space below the small letter 'a'.

small letter 'r' page This is a page of the small letter 'r'. I am sure the child will have fun learning
this letter.

These are sample pages of the alphabet picture coloring book, Aa-to-Zz. Each letter has two different subjects
and pages, one page for the capital letter, and one page for the small letter, to color the pictures and learn to
recognize the letters, plus one page to practice writing each letter. The book has 103 Pages.

Dear Mom and Dad:
Are you concerned on how slow your child can learn the Alphabet and count One-to-Ten? My books not
only can teach the child visually how each letter looks like, but they give the child a picture of an item that
can be associated with a letter and after the child has painted the pictures, he/she will never forget that
letter, because the painted pictures become their creations. I guarantee that, your child will have total
knowledge of the English Aphabet and to prove it, just copy and print the pages and have him/her completely
fill the painting and the writing. When he/she finishes with them, you will see the amazing results. Help them
frame the pages and hang them on the wall in his/hers room. it is not importand for the paintings to be perfect.
What is importand the artwork that was his/hers accomplishment. Then order this and the 1-10 book. When
you order both books, you get the beautiful poem of exciting way to learn the alphabet FREE.
If you are satisfied with your child's progress, tell your friends how to get these books from my site, also tell
them the wonderfull effects the books had on your child. Even, I would like to hear, the wonderful results the
child has achieved with these books(see Contact me).
*Priced at $13.99 each, add sales Tax where applicable, Free Shipping and Handling for lesss than
3-sets. Note:All kids sould learn the alphabet at an early age. I am including the poem, free for your kid.
One-to-ten book
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