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Child learns numbers, One-to-Ten Picture Coloring Book

Count one-to-ten Book Cover PageThis cover book page can be your guide for coloring the pictures that follow and the page borders. The combination of colors are very attractive to a child's mind eager to learn.

Page One sample The larger than usual, number one, will force the child to remember it, after it has finished coloring it. He/she will be able to recall its shape and that it is the number one, automatically. The page includes one of each kind fruit and that will teach the child,this particular page is designated to the number one and after finishing the colors he/she will remember the cherry, the pair, the apple, the banana and the orange, how they look like and their colors.

Page Two sample This number two page works the same as the number one, it forces the child's mind to remember it, because the child will spend some time practicing writing the number, coloring the fruits that now show not one but two of each kind. Also, you must show the child how to use the colors from the book cover page, also the border. All these, together, play a part on teaching the child the fundumentals of counting one-to-ten while having fun.

The rest of the pages in the book work the same way, they differ on the numbers and how many fruit are of each kind, as many as, the number indicates to get the child to remember them.

Dear Mom and Dad:
Are you concerned on how fast your child can learn the alphabet and count One-to-Ten? My books not only can teach the child visually how each number looks like, but they give the child a picture of an item that can be associated with this(one,two,three,etc.) number and after the child has painted the picture of it, he/she will never forget that number. I guarantee that your child will have total knowledge on counting one to ten, and to prove it, just copy and print the pages and have him/her completely fill the painting and the writing. When he/she finishes with them, you will see the amazing results. Then order this and the alphabet book.
When you order both books, you get the beautiful poems of exciting experiences FREE. I am showing you a few lines of each poem to get an idea.
If you are satisfied with your child's progress, tell your friends how to get the books from my site, also tell them the wonderfull affects the books had on your child. Also, if you wish, email me the wonderful achievements your child had with my books, see(Contact Me) below.*It is Priced at:
$7.99 each, Plus Tax where applicable, Free Shipping and Handling.
Alpha book
Learn the Alphabet,Poem
Note:All kids should learn the alphabet at an early age. I am including this free alphabet poem, for your child.

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